4 Quad Servo Capability
ECTI Motor Outperforms
Lower Energy Consumption
Lower Capital


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  • Servo Capabilities price competitive with induction and brush motor systems

  • Motion control and logic control in one device

  • Reduced operating cost from increased energy efficiency

  • Reduced installation and production costs through fewer components (no clutches or limit switches required, autocalibration features)

ECTI's customers have been able to reduce their system costs significantly, while improving production throughput, reducing installation time, and lowering operating costs. ECTI's systems have only three (AC) or 2 (DC) components: motor, controller, and for AC applications, a multi-voltage transformer. ECTI's controller has both motion control and logic control capabilities in a single unit. The systems are simple to install and configure, and eliminate the need in many applications for additional control components such as clutches and limit switches. Features like autocalibration further reduce installation time. One of our customers estimated they would be able to increase production throughput by 250% as a result of switching to ECTI's technology.

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