4 Quad Servo Capability
ECTI Motor Outperforms
Lower Energy Consumption
Lower Capital


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ECTI's technology provides significantly higher power density at dramatically increased operating efficiencies in many applications.

ECTI's electric motor and controller technology provides closed loop operation, with the ability to precisely control, position, speed, acceleration, deceleration and torque response through programed operational characteristics.

Motorized applications using ECTI's technology provide considerably higher torque response, in smaller packages. Products using this motor technology require less assembly time, are more energy efficient and provide a variety of programmable functions, all of which add market value.

ECTI's motor and controller systems can be networked via NeworkPower™ technology. NetworkPower™, ECTI's enhanced CAN compatible network, enables systems' operation to be preceisly synchronized, controlled and monitored through any one of the networked motor controllers.

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