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ECTI sells regenerative electric motor technology

2007-05-07 16:58 ET - News Release


Toronto, Ont., May 7, 2007: Mr. Ervin Weisz, President & CEO of Energy Conversion Technologies Inc. (ECTI), is very pleased to announce its new Regenerative energy savings and Hybrid electric power HR-Drive technology for commercial and industrial electric motor applications.

Mr. Weisz explained that: " ... ECTI charted its own path in 2002, when it introduced advanced electric motor technology to replace inverter based induction motor systems. The HR-Drive technology builds on the proven capability of ECTI's electric motor products."

ECTI will initially offer the HR56C-Drive as a seamless upgrade to the industry standard 56C type motor/inverter systems. ECTI plans to offer the HR-Drive technology on its growing family of products, including door and gate operators sold through its subsidiary, Gates and Doors Inc. (

Mr. Weisz added, " .. Over 50% of electric energy is utilized by electric motors in Western industrialized countries. Recently, a major political figure in the Canadian government stated, ' ... one of the best sources of energy is wasted energy.' The nature of regenerative technology is the recovery of otherwise wasted energy, which is the basis for ECTI's green HR-Drive technology."

ECTI's HR-Drive based products are expected to meet a variety of "green" certification requirements.

ECTI manufactures electric gear-motor and controller systems based on its breakthrough technology that can reduce both capital and operating costs of motor systems. Relative to industry standard products, ECTI's motor system is smaller, generates higher performance and operates at higher efficiencies. ECTI's products are being sold to original equipment manufacturers in Canada and the United States.

For further information please visit the company's website at or call or write to Ervin Weisz, President and Chief Executive Officer, Energy Conversion Technologies Inc., 1271 Denison Street, Markham, Ontario, L3R 4B5, Telephone: (905) 947-4300, Facsimile: (905) 947-4600, e-mail:

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